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January 2013 Archives

Gender gap still exists, economists speculate as to why

Almost exactly 50 years ago the Equal Pay Act of 1963 was signed into law. By enacting this legislation, law makers and those who supported the bill hoped that it would help eliminate the large wage gap that existed between the salaries of men and women. In that year women were earning on average 58.9 cents to every dollar that men were making.

Should all NFL players be required to install an interlock device?

Professional athletes getting arrested for driving while intoxicated isn't exactly a new occurrence, but the issue has certainly garnered more attention. Maybe it is the fact that the incidents are becoming much more widely publicized; maybe it is because of a social attitude shift; or maybe it is because of the serious nature of recent events; either way the media is taking note.

SUV careens out of control, truck swerves off New Jersey highway

Many of our blog discussions talk about the impact of a semi-trailer in an auto accident. A significant portion of discussions relate to how the size difference between a semi-trailer and traditional vehicles increase the potential damage of an auto accident. The size of most semi-trucks can also impact the severity of a motor vehicle collision because heavier semi-trucks require a longer distance to stop and are generally unable to stop quickly in response to a potential car accident. A recent New Jersey trucking accident, which involved a semi-truck and an SUV, may not have allowed for much reaction time to avoid a collision.

Behavior is measured in degrees, motorcycle case based on negligence

Not all behaviors are the same. There are different degrees of thought behind every single action that we take. When we open our mouths and breathe in the air that travels to our lungs, it is most often not something that we think about, but an involuntary action. When our hands touch a hot stove, the muscles are trained to instinctively pull our hands away. On the other end of the scale are intentional decisions. Whether it is pouring water in a glass to quench our thirst or accepting a job knowing that we are going to get paid money to feed ourselves and our children, many actions are done with forethought about the consequences.

Teen didn't have to imagine getting hit at high speeds, loses life

The New Jersey Turnpike and similarly fast paced roadways are regularly packed with various types of motor vehicles that are all traveling at fairly high speeds. When motorists are traveling at these speeds and on busy roadways, most motorists are expecting other vehicles to travel in a similar manner. When a motorist fails to travel in a consistent manner on a busy roadway, the motorist may become involved in a car accident with disastrous results.

Two buses collide in New Jersey, multiple passengers injured

Auto accidents in northern New Jersey can be traumatic and often involve multiple motor vehicles. When multiple motor vehicles are involved in a collision, the number of potential victims of the car accident increases. When passenger buses are involved in a car accident, the number of possible victims exponentially increases.

There are pet-safe salts, no excuse for icy New Jersey sidewalks

New Jersey neighborhoods are littered with sidewalks. Although these patches of pavement run across the front of a homeowner's property, they are for the use of the public. As winter progresses, the sidewalks tend to get a little slippery. It can be easy to find excuses to ignore maintaining the sidewalk in front of a home. Excuses range from the simple "I'll do it tomorrow" to the "I don't have the strength anymore to chip away at the ice."

Sparks fly as intoxicated driver pulls motorcycle for 2 miles

We talk about the dangers of drunk driving a lot in our New Jersey Personal Injury blog. We talk about how alcohol can alter an individual's ability to drive through lowered response time to conditions outside of the car. But how much can alcohol really affect a person's decision-making ability?

Hit-and-run investigation provides evidence for possible civil suit

When car accidents happen in northern New Jersey, the collision is generally between two or more motor vehicles and can cause both property damage and physical injury to those involved in the collision. After the car accident occurs, negligent parties involved may be personally liable for property damages and personal injuries caused during the collision.

New Year's parties involve alcohol, collisions often a result

It's here....the year 2013! Many of us in Northern New Jersey go out and celebrate on New Year's Eve. Some of us celebrate out in public forums, while others celebrate privately. Whichever type of celebration occurs, most celebrations include traveling to and from the celebration site. As much fun as a New Year's Eve celebration can bring, car accidents that occur on New Year's Eve can be equally as harmful.

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