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October 2012 Archives

Passing car strikes 3 teens on unmarked northwestern New Jersey road

Crosswalks are usually available on most busy New Jersey roadways. Popular intersections and those with stoplights often have crosswalks, but many others do not and pedestrians must choose where to cross. Most drivers remember to be aware of pedestrians in crosswalks, but pedestrians can also be present outside of a crosswalk. A recent car accident injured three teenagers who were pedestrians on a New Jersey roadway.

Halloween is a day for candy, costumes and car accidents?

With Oct. 31 just around the corner, New Jersey residents of all ages are preparing their costumes. By now, they are working out the final details. They are gluing on the last bit of sequence, finding just the right pair of earrings or buying the boots that will complete the cowboy ensemble.

Do I have to be fired to suffer wrongful termination?

A number of instances of wrongful termination involve the proverbial pink slip. An official termination is not the only way that an employee can be wrongfully forced out of their job. Sadly, another way in which employees are forced out of their job by their employer is through the creation of a hostile work environment. Many employees who quit their jobs in such a way are unaware that they may be eligible for compensation through an employment law claim.

Who caused New Jersey collision? Cops search for third vehicle

Evidence is an important part of a New Jersey car accident lawsuit. Evidence can include, but is not limited to, photos, witness statements and accident reports. Evidence is important for many reasons, such as proof of damages in a lawsuit, but it is also vital for determining fault or liability used as the basis for awarding compensation.

NJ bicyclists take wrong turn, struck like dominos in car accident

An 80-mile bicycle ride through New Jersey sounds like fun...if you are an enthusiastic bicyclist. When those making the journey plan for it, they generally plan for equipment, clothing, good weather, etc. But a bicyclist probably does not plan to be in a serious car accident, despite the fact that one could happen.

Near collision caused New Jersey car accident, is there still liability?

To make a civil claim for damages that result from a car accident in New Jersey, the injured person generally has to prove fault by the other party involved in the car accident. This legal theory is typically referred to as negligence and is most commonly proven through the actual collision between the two vehicles involved in the accident. Given this theory, can a car accident happen when the two vehicles involved in the accident do not actually collide?

Elderly driver can't remember where crash occurred, pedestrian missing

Have you ever seen a person in shock after an accident? If you haven't, the season finale of "Grey's Anatomy" did a good job of trying to tackle the different ways in which victims respond to their situation after an accident. After the initial accident, many go into a state of shock. One character in the show was seen screaming uncontrollably, another was solely focused on finding her husband, another was unaware of his own injuries and another seemed to have a super-human ability to stay awake and take care of everyone else.

New Jersey Senators hope $5 million will help make roads safer

United States Senators Frank R. Lautenberg and Robert Menendez both hope that a new set of federal grants will help improve safety for the residents that voted in New Jersey -- whether it was for them or the other guy. The federal grants will be handled and distributed by the New Jersey Division of Highway Traffic Safety and add up to a total of $5 million.

Will 2040 be there year when car accidents stop?

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers may not be a familiar name to the average driver, but what they are predicting is something that a lot of people may support. Researchers with the institute say that driver's licenses won't even be necessary by the year 2040. The reason is that they think autonomous cars will replace human drivers capable of some serious human error.

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