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September 2012 Archives

5 pedestrians injured in New Jersey when Rover didn't sit down

Dogs are constant companions for many of us and for some of us our dogs go everywhere....including in the car. A dog riding in cars is not an uncommon event, but it can cause a potentially difficult situation for the driver. A recent New Jersey car accident may have been cause by a driver distracted by an unsecured dog riding in her car.

4 vehicles involved in New Jersey motorcycle accident

Motorcycles are a popular and adventurous way to travel, but unfortunately those who ride motorcycles can and often do incur serious trauma if involved in an accident. Usually when an individual is involved in an accident a larger motor vehicle was the cause of the collision. In an unusual situation, a motorcycle caused a catastrophic motorcycle accident in New Jersey.

Bayonne accident victims get help, Good Samaritan has truck stolen

Witnesses are often a big part of accident investigations. Many times they can provide valuable information about what happened just prior to and during the accident when victims are unable to do sue often due to incapacitating injuries. Witnesses also provide another important role after an accident; they are often the first wave of emergency assistance that a victim has and often the ones who call the professional emergency responders for the victims.

Liability claim based on rare virus shuts down 'Hoarding' filming

Television shows that look into the real lives of individuals struggling with uncommon illnesses or disabilities are often the topic of TLC network shows. They allow viewers a rare look into the lives of these people. "Hoarding: Buried Alive" is a popular show that looks into the lives of those who are struggling with the disease that causes them to keep an inordinate amount of items in their homes.

New Jersey court employees endured three years of harassment

When an employee experiences sexual harassment at the workplace, the situation often involves other unlawful actions by an employer. Sexual harassment is a serious allegation and employees who have endured sexual harassment and other related workplace violations have the right to challenge the behavior. Three New Jersey employees have recently filed a lawsuit against their employer claiming each of the employees were sexually harassed and also endured discrimination.

New Jersey employee claims 10 years of racial discrimination

A New Jersey city worker has claimed he suffered employment discrimination based on his race at his workplace for the last decade. The worker, now age 67, worked in a city's park department for the last 16 years. The worker is Chilean and has lived in the New Jersey area for the last 36 years.

Finding the balance: 100-year-old driver injures 11 children on sidewalk

Growing old is difficult. No one wants to admit that hearing loss is creeping in, that they need to increase their prescription for their glasses or that they have started forgetting simple things. On the opposite end, children are reluctant to take away an ailing parent's keys even when they see the symptoms seeping in that make the aging parent an unsafe driver.

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