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August 2012 Archives

Young girl thrown from car in Turnpike 3 vehicle collision

The New Jersey Turnpike is a busy roadway that is heavily traveled. The amount of traffic generally increases over the weekend. Large and busy roadways are an important part of society and the ratio of vehicles traveled to the number of accidents that occur is potentially minor. Unfortunately, this does not mean that car accidents do not happen and the last weekend was no exception.

Update: Can someone be electronically present in a car accident?

Earlier this year a New Jersey car accident happened because the driver of one of the vehicles was texting while driving. The result of the accident caused injuries to passengers on the other vehicle that was involved in the car accident. The other party was a couple who was riding a motorcycle at the time of the accident.

Motor vehicle social media could save lives, NHTSA tests it out

Communication in the current era of technology is revolutionary. By signing on to a website, you can see what friends are hanging out at the local bar. You can see who has gotten married or divorced. By reading a status update, you can learn how your friends are feeling.

Antihistamines: Are they dangerous for drivers?

Much of the focus of drug-related driving is placed on alcohol and other illegal substances such as marijuana, but those are not the only type of drug that changes a driver's ability to operate the vehicle safely. Even simple and completely legal drugs can alter a driver's responses. Do you suffer from allergies? Antihistamines that treat this discomfort are one such drug that can cause dangerous side effects. .

New Jersey bus collides with small car in serious bus accident

When a motor vehicle accident happens in New Jersey, the collision has the potential to cause injuries to everyone who is involved in the collision. An accident is magnified when the crash involves a city transit bus that has the capacity to carry multiple passengers.

Father and son injured in Turnpike car accident

Car accidents on the New Jersey Turnpike generally involve more than one victim, but rarely affect multiple family members. A multi vehicle accident happened in the last week that not only had multiple victims but also injured a father and son who were traveling together on the Turnpike.

Federal officials focus on teen driving regulations

For young, healthy teenagers setting out at the beginning of their adult lives, the ones that are cut short are most often due to a car accident. In fact, it is the number one cause of death for those from the age of 15 to 19. Per year, approximately 3,000 teenagers are killed in a motor vehicle accident. Not only are teens most at risk for being involved in an accident, but they are more likely to be the cause of the accident -- four times more likely than adult drivers.

New Jersey teacher endured sexual harassment and termination

Workplace harassment and discrimination can happen to any employee, regardless of stereotypes or social biases. Sexual harassment is a common type of harassment that occurs in the workplace and is generally associated with female employees as the victim. A federal lawsuit has been filed in New Jersey, which claims a male teacher was the victim of sexual harassment at the workplace.

Garden State Parkway has six car accident and airlifted victim

The Garden State Parkway in New Jersey is a busy roadway and is a common location for car accidents. Like all busy roadways, the accidents that occur on the Garden State Parkway vary in severity and in the factors that caused the accident. A recent car accident involved six cars and caused traumatic injuries.

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