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July 2012 Archives

Can an inch make a difference? New Jersey sidewalk laws a headache

Have you ever gone out for a morning run, tied up your shoes and set out down the sidewalk? You focus on the path ahead but trip on an uneven seam or a cracked slab? Sometimes, you simply scrape up your hands or your knees a bit and continue on the way. Other times, these trips can cause serious and permanent injuries.

New Jersey truck accident causes a potential amputation

Driving in the early morning, when it is still dark outside, can be an easier commute because not as many travelers are on the road. The potential for an easier commute not only appeals to daily travelers but can also appeal to other motorist such as semi-trucks. Those traveling in the early morning, before the sun rises, can encounter specific dangers during early morning traveling.

Woman fatally lands on New Jersey road in motorcycle accident

Riding a motorcycle can be exciting, but also poses potential dangers. A potential danger of riding a motorcycle is that motorcycles do not have seatbelts. When a motorcycle accident occurs, there is a potential for the motorcycle driver and a possible passenger to incur catastrophic injuries. Many motorcycles are present on New Jersey roadways and unfortunately one of the motorcycles traveling on these roadways was involved in a fatal accident.

5-car Turnpike pileup resulted in 'just' moderate injuries

The New Jersey Turnpike is a common scene for car accidents. Thousands of vehicles travel across the roadway on a daily basis, which is why accidents are bound to happen often involving more than one vehicle. Two out of three traffic lanes were closed down early on Monday morning, stalling traffic for miles near Edison when five vehicles were involved in a collision.

Kids love cooling in a pool, watch out for slippery surfaces

It's July. It's hot. The kids are home all day, which is why pools across the nation are simply filling with kids whether it is a community center pool or one found in a private backyard. But as you send your child off to swim, keep in mind that some slippery swimming pool surfaces are there and are dangerous. While pool owners have a duty to ensure that they do not become dangerous, it is a duty that is often overlooked.

Another Garden State Parkway accident remains under investigation

The Garden State Parkway is a busy roadway and the scene of a recent fatal car accident - shortly after the one that we wrote about in our last post. A two-vehicle car accident occurred on the New Jersey roadway over the past weekend and ended with a fatality.

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