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April 2012 Archives

Can a New Jersey pedestrian be partially at fault in an accident?

A northern New Jersey street was the scene of a recent car accident that involved a pedestrian. Pedestrian accidents, which usually involve a pedestrian and a motor vehicle, can cause a wide array of injury to the pedestrian. Pedestrians can incur any type of injury that ranges from a minor personal injury to ones that may prove fatal. In assessment of pedestrian injuries, a determination of fault through a negligence analysis can quickly become complex.

Cop talks to Morristown students about prom safety

Prom season is in full swing, and for high school students it is all about the fun. It is all about getting dressed up, going out to dinner, dancing with your friends and traveling there in style. Sadly, for some teenagers their definition of fun includes alcohol and some students feel peer pressured into participating.

New Jersey city whistleblower claims employment retaliation

The term whistleblower is the term used to describe an employee who has reported unlawful actions committed by their employer. In an ideal situation, the employee who reported the unlawful action would receive accolades for their actions. Unfortunately, many times these employees are the victims of retaliation by the same employer who committed the unlawful act. Recently, a New Jersey city employee was the victim of whistleblower retaliation.

Man breaks both wrists falling on New Jersey museum steps

Earlier, a lawsuit was filed against a New Jersey museum for injuries that were the result of a slip and fall accident. The person who was injured filed the lawsuit after falling on steps on the museum's property. As a result of the fall the injured man and now plaintiff incurred two broken wrists.

Car accident victims pay more than taxes on April 15

Tax day usually falls on April 15. It can be a stressful day for a lot of people from those getting their last minute filings in to the tax preparers who help them. According to one study, the day can actually be deadly for some people on the road that is. Researchers collected traffic data from 30 years and found that there was a 6 percent increase in the number of fatalities that occur on tax day as opposed to one day a week before and a week after.

New Jersey motorcycle victims' family wants answers from police

After an accident occurs, the first people on the scene are often police officers. They arrive to assist other emergency responders and victims. They investigate the crash scene and gather evidence such as eyewitness accounts from people who observed the events leading up to the crash and the collision itself.

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