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March 2012 Archives

Unemployment discrimination a growing problem

When it comes to employment discrimination, there are some kinds of discrimination that are set in stone. That is that they are specifically protected against under either state or federal laws. Employees in New Jersey who suffer discrimination due to things such as religion, race or sex have recourse under the law. What about employment discrimination?

New Jersey authority's novel approach to reduce car accidents

Distracted driving can lead to car accidents. This is not a new a new topic or occurrence in New Jersey. A New Jersey county has acknowledged this ongoing issue and is implementing a new approach to reduce the amount of distracted driving and related car accidents. Local authorities have created a novel approach to engage residents to become aware of the results of distracted driving.

Good Samaritan helps solve New Jersey car accident

Hit and run incidents often involve a car accident where a pedestrian is injured and the motor vehicle driver is unknown because they fled the accident scene. This was not the case in a New Jersey hit and run accident where a Good Samaritan led police to the driver responsible for the car accident.

After nearly month-long hospital stay, injured New Jersey triplet leaves

It was just short of one month ago when a serious truck accident occurred in New Jersey involving a dump truck and a school bus carrying a handful of children. One family suffered three times the amount of pain that day when a set of triplet sisters were on board. One of the sisters lost her life in the accident and another two were seriously injured.

More pedestrians die in car crashes along older New Jersey highways

Pedestrians have the right to walk alongside roads, and a part of driver responsibility is to be aware not only of the road ahead, but the road to the side to prevent serious car accidents from happening. When an auto-pedestrian accident occurs one party is certainly more at risk for injury than the other, and the results are often deadly.

Sex discrimination claims against L&T upheld by New Jersey judge

In 2010, a New Jersey woman was excited to start her new job as an independent contractor with Larsen and Toubro, a company headquartered in her state. She worked hard and earned a promotion to full-time employee in January 2011. Her life only got better when she received the news that she was pregnant. It was the next day, when she told her employer that it all fell apart.

Vehicle without headlights on Garden State Parkway causes crash

Accidents can happen at any moment, even when you do everything right: wear your seatbelt, go the speed limit, properly signal your turns and follow every other law of the road. The driving habits of others you share the road with are unpredictable. A car may be driving just as it should but all of a sudden swerve.

Summit discusses bicycle safety, Bergen County riders speak out

A safety summit was held this past weekend on Saturday, Feb. 25, 2012 in New Jersey and the topic was bicycle and pedestrian safety. Those in attendance included legislators, transportation planners, biking advocates and others who wanted their voice heard. Much of the discussion at the New Jersey Bike and Walk Summit focused on ways to make the streets friendlier to bikers and pedestrians.

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