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February 2012 Archives

New Jersey Turnpike truck accident leaves people, animals injured

Victims of commercial trucking accidents can recover compensation for damages they suffer as the result of another's negligence. These damages include not only medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages and repair damages but other, less common types of damages.

New Jersey woman suing for pregnancy discrimination

A New Jersey woman alleges that she was fired from her job as a chiropractor due to 11-days of missed work due to pregnancy complications. In return for her suing her employer for pregnancy and gender discrimination on the job, she is being sued for allegedly breaking her employment contract.

Man breaks both wrists on New Jersey museum steps

A New Jersey museum is being sued for a slip and fall accident after the plaintiff had fallen on the museum's steps and broke both of his wrists. The plaintiff alleges that the steps were covered with leaves and other debris making it difficult to determine where to step down.

One more New Jersey highway accident

A recent New Jersey highway accident along Route 9 delayed traffic even longer than usual as parts of the roadway were shutdown for more than 5-hours. A Dodge Charger and a Jeep Cherokee collided causing the jeep to leave the roadway and collide with a tree. A passenger in the jeep was unconscious and trapped inside of the vehicle until rescue workers arrived at the scene of the accident.

New Jersey motorcycle deaths end in lawsuit

We've previously written about the retired New Jersey police officer that was involved in an accident that killed two New Jersey motorcycle drivers and injured four other riders. The motorcycle accident supposedly occurred because this individual was driving a pickup truck while drunk, had swerved into the opposite lane and then ran into the group of motorcycles.

Disabled worker fired while working for health magazine

A director at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) which oversees a number of employment discrimination cases out of New Jersey commented on how employers continually make hiring and firing decisions based on discriminatory practices. This director was referring to a case where a distributor of a health magazine possibly terminated a worker due to that individual's disability status in violation of the American With Disabilities Act (ADA).

Two drivers in New Jersey hospitals after head-on crash

Perhaps the worst types of car accidents are those that involve head-on crashes. A college student is in critical condition in a New Jersey hospital after his vehicle was heading southbound in a northbound lane. The student was found unresponsive and was only revived after police officers applied a defibrillator after pulling the student out of the car. The driver of the other vehicle suffered neck, chest and back pain as a result of the accident and was also taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital.

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