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January 2012 Archives

New Jersey truck transporting gasoline explodes

A gasoline tanker recently exploded following a trucking accident along Routes 1 and 9 in New Jersey and resulted in the death of a driver of a car whose vehicle was pinned underneath the truck and who subsequently was caught up in the fireball. The massive explosion, which occurred at 1:45 in the morning, woke up nearby residents, and caused hours of road closure and delays, was the result of the tanker carrying more than 8,000 gallons of fuel that ignited during the collision.

Man drinks 9 beers and then is involved in fatal crash

It's not always clear what an individual is thinking when they drink and decide to get behind the wheel, but one would hope someone was there to stop them. A New Jersey man who admitted to drinking 9 beers nevertheless drove his vehicle while intoxicated and caused a drunken driving crash that killed one man and seriously injured two others. The driver is now expected to serve 10-years in prison.

New Jersey Township settles discrimination suit

A New Jersey Township will pay out a $500,000 settlement concerning possible sexual harassment and racial discrimination at their municipal offices. It has been reported that a woman was sexually groped, mocked for her sexual orientation and was forced to endure racial slurs while she worked for the township in the role of laborer.

Truck full of coffee beans overturns on New Jersey Turnpike

Truck accidents that occur on the New Jersey turnpike are common and often responsible for major delays. The problem concerning such accidents is that such trucks are generally many times larger than other vehicles operating upon the same roads and can be a great danger to these other drivers.

Drunk New Jersey driver in accident with a 9-year old passenger

The legal blood-alcohol limit in New Jersey is .08, but too many times drivers completely ignore this requirement. A New Jersey driver with a blood alcohol level of .23 was operating a pickup truck while giving a ride to a 9-year old passenger (who was not wearing a seat-belt), and the drunk driver subsequently rear-ended another vehicle and injured a 37-year old woman.

Motorcycle rider survives multi-vehicle crash

A recent multi-vehicle accident on the Garden State Parkway was remarkable in one sense in that a motorcycle rider involved in the collision and ultimately ejected from his motorcycle only received minor injuries. Though motorcycle riders are on our roadways legally and have the same rights to be riding there as anyone else, it's not unusual for such a motorcycle accident to result in a motorcycle fatality.

Alleged disability discrimination by New Jersey employer

A New Jersey based consulting firm is being sued for disability discrimination. It is alleged that the company withdrew an offer of employment for this individual because the applicant suffered from ocular albinism, an inherited disorder where the eyes lack melanin pigment. Though this condition caused certain visual problems for this individual, the applicant was otherwise considered fully qualified to perform the duties required for the position.

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