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November 2011 Archives

New Jersey diabetic bus drivers allege discrimination

Three New Jersey bus drivers allege employment discrimination in that they were suspended for a medical condition that they claimed not to have. The three bus drivers do admit that they are diabetic, but that they are not prone to losing consciousness, hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia that would have prevented them from the safe operation of the buses.

Retired New Jersey officer arraigned for motorcyclists deaths

A retired New Jersey police officer has been charged with two counts of homicide following an accident killing and injuring a number of motorcyclists. It is alleged that the retired officer was in his pickup truck driving drunk at speeds of 51 mph in a 35 mph zone, that he crossed the center lane and ran head on into a pack of motorcyclists. Two of the motorcycle riders were killed as a result of this accident. Five other motorcyclists were injured in the accident.

New Jersey State Trooper involved in 3-vehicle crash

Even police officers can be involved in accidents that caused injuries and require investigation. A three-vehicle accident recently occurred involving a New Jersey State Trooper. The state trooper in question was taken to the hospital for non-life threatening injuries. Since the crash involved serious injuries and concerned a state trooper, the state police "fatal accident" team joined in the investigation of the accident - though no fatalities were actually reported.

New Jersey school bus driver drunk at time of accident

A school bus driver involved in a recent crash in New Jersey was also accused of being under the influence at the time that the bus accident occurred. Fortunately, no school children were on the bus at the time the accident occurred, but the accident did occur at 1:45 in the afternoon. This same bus driver may have been transporting children later that afternoon. One parent described the situation as frightening. "You put your kids on the bus in the morning and you say goodbye to them, and you think they're in safe hands."

New Jersey Car and Train collision takes the life of elderly motorist

A New Jersey motorist was killed when the vehicle she was driving collided with a North Jersey Coast Line train. Fortunately, no passenger on the train was injured in this accident. The cause of the accident remains under investigation.

Large number of car accidents in New Jersey after snowstorm

An unseasonal snowstorm has delayed travel plans, cut power for 4 million people and, unfortunately, left several people dead in the New Jersey area. Several car accidents were blamed on the storm, some of them fatal. Some states received black ice on the highways that caused as many as 30 car crashes. Bus and rail travel was also affected by the weather, with an Amtrak train stranded on the track for 13 hours after the storm caused a rock-slide that blocked the train's path.

New Jersey authorities make mistake concerning accident fatality

It was recently reported that a New Jersey resident died in an ATV accident. Though such accidents are becoming more frequently common, the facts concerning this crash are unique in that the authorities had difficulties in identifying the cause of death. The initial determination by authorities that the death was the result of a savage beating turned out to be incorrect.

New Jersey hit-and-run accident during snowstorm

Slippery conditions and decreased visibility unfortunately can make driving on our roads a dangerous activity. This is probably why three deaths on our New Jersey roads have been blamed on the recent snowstorm. One victim was killed on the New Jersey turnpike. After getting out of his car following a rear-end collision, at least two other vehicles struck the victim as he stood by the side of the road. Both vehicles than fled the scene of the accident.

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