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February 2011 Archives

Car seat heaters have potential to cause serious burns, P. 2

In our previous post, we began looking at the safety of car seat heaters and the potential risks to drivers. Perhaps surprisingly, there are numerous reports of drivers experiencing skin burns as a result of excessively hot seat heaters, sometimes without the driver even realizing it.

Car seat heaters have potential to cause serious burns, P. 1

The safety of car seat heaters is becoming an issue in the automotive industry, as reports of severe burning among paralyzed and other disabled drivers are circulating. Lobbyists are now urging federal regulators to take industry-wide steps to eliminate the problem

New technology to battle teen distracted driving

Distracted driving is one of the many things parents can expect to worry about with their teenagers. But a new technology has been developed to ease parents' trouble minds at least a little bit. Promoters hope that the new technology will be a small step in preventing car accidents caused by teenage distracted drivers.

Tips for staying safe on the road for Super Bowl weekend

Football fans are gearing up for the big weekend and making plans on what food to eat, what brew to stock, and who to invite for the game. But even more importantly, sports fans should be planning how to ensure that everybody gets home safely after the game without any accidents.

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