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December 2010 Archives

North Jersey Police Depts. Busy With DWI Offenses Presently

With all the hoopla in recent years associated with drunk driving public awareness campaigns and the stiffer penalties now attaching to convictions, it might seem reasonable to expect a directly related and notably measurable decrease in DWI-related car accidents and the number of drunk drivers on New Jersey roads overall.

Christmas Eve Turnpike Chain Accident in Ridgefield Deadly

An irregularity on the roadway that occurred near Ridgefield in the early morning on Christmas Eve and rapidly escalated into a multiple-vehicle collision, two deaths and numerous other injuries has traffic enforcement personnel both lamenting its severity and thankful that it didn't occur on a typical weekday or weekend.

Florham Park Motorcycle Fatality Victim Wearing Novelty Helmet

We discussed New Jersey motorcycle helmet law in a recent blog post (December 2), noting that the state is among a small minority of states overall that require both riders and bike passengers to wear helmets at all times. We also noted the distinction between federally approved helmets and so-called "novelty" helmets that lack many of the former's protective features.

Update on New Jersey's Recent Vehicle De-Icing Law

New Jersey residents have had two months-plus experience now with the newly enacted law that became effective October 20 concerning snow and ice removal from vehicles. We briefly summarized that law for our readers in a November 9 motor vehicle accident post and note some related developments here.

State Bill Seeks to Dramatically Alter Sexual Abuse Law

New Jersey State Senator Joseph F. Vitale doesn't mince words. "Sexual predators shouldn't be able to hide behind the ambiguity and vagueness of the law to avoid being held accountable for their actions," he says. Vitale backs that strong sentiment with legislation he sponsored along with Sen. Nicholas P. Scutari that would dramatically alter the landscape for predators and their victims in New Jersey.

NHTSA Rule to Require Vehicle Backup Cameras

No one seems to be quibbling about the estimated $2.5 billion-plus that the government thinks it will cost to outfit future cars, trucks and minivans with camera capabilities that experts say will greatly drive down the number of deaths and personal injuries resulting from persons being struck by rear-moving vehicles.

Statewide Spotlight Broadly Focused on Drunk Drivers

Obviously, driving drunk in New Jersey is never a good thing, either for the driver's prospects or for those on the road who are anywhere near him or her. Motorists who drink and drive will be targeted even more closely than usual from this week into January, with the state having just kicked off its "Over the Limit, Under Arrest" campaign.

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